#Catholics is a channel for fellowship between Catholic Christians as well as a place where interested persons may raise questions about the Catholic faith. We ask our guests to be polite and to bear in mind that matters of religious faith can be deeply held and ought to be treated as precious and personal for those who hold them. Sometimes disagreement is unavoidable, but when interlocutors disagree we ask that every party remain calm, polite, and have respect for the image of God present in the person with whom they are chatting.


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Below are some links to various Church documents that you can consult to help explain and/or understand the Catholic faith.

Compendium of the CCC
Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)
Catechism of the Council of Trent (CCT)
Denzinger's Sources of Dogma (D)

Second Vatican Council Documents:

Lumen gentium dogmatic constitution on the church
Dei Verbum dogmatic constitution on divine revelation
Sacrosanctum Concilium constitution on the sacred liturgy
Gaudium et spes pastoral constitution on the church in the modern world
Christus Dominus decree on the pastoral office of bishops
Presbyterorum Ordinis decree on the ministry and life of priests
Optatam totius decree on priestly training
Perfectae caritatis decree on the adaptation and renewal of religious life
Apostolicam actuositatem decree on the apostolate of the laity
Ad gentes decree on the mission of the church
Unitatis redintegratio decree on ecumenism
Orientalium Ecclesiarum decree on the catholic churches of the eastern rite
Dignitatis humanae decree on religious freedom
NOSTRA AETATE declaration on the relation of the church to the non-christian religions


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